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Mission statements

The purpose of Lesson Maestro is to serve as match-maker between music teachers of all types and the vast numbers of potential music students on the web.

for music students…

Music students can search for the perfect music teacher utilizing a variety of tools for absolutely no cost. If they are unable to find a suitable music teacher among our membership, they can opt to be notified when a teacher does join that meets their requirements or post a request on our forum. People looking for music lessons will never pay a cent at Lesson Maestro. Music students may search for a music teacher by using our music teacher search page.

for music teachers…

Lesson Maestro provides private music teachers and music schools a feature-rich yet affordable and user-friendly way of reaching out to music students online. Find out more about how we help music teachers find more music students.


Lesson Maestro founder

Lesson Maestro was founded by music teacher and performer, Chad Kaltinger. After deciding that he needed some type of web presence to get the word out about his own private music lessons, Chad looked around online and discovered many music teacher directory websites. He considered joining one but couldn't find one that fit his needs. The problem was that many of these websites were too expensive, most lacked features he was looking for and a good number were just too complicated.

Armed with only some very basic web development skills, a towering stack of books and the help of some knowledgeable friends and family, Chad decided to embark on the epic task of building a service that he and other music teachers would find useful. Lesson Maestro has become a passion for him almost as great as making and teaching music itself.

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