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If you teach private music lessons or music classes and would like a safe, affordable way of reaching out to new music students online, give Lesson Maestro a try for free!

As a music teacher, Lesson Maestro offers you a customizable membership that will help you advertise your music lessons to precisely the music students you want to teach.

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How Lesson Maestro works:

  1. Create a media rich profile page with information about your private music lessons or music classes, choosing from a huge library of "lesson types."

  2. Potential music students will see your profile card if you meet their search criteria and then may contact you securely through the site. None of your personal contact info is displayed.

  3. Once the potential music student contacts you it is up to you to decide how to proceed. Respond to them directly or, with any paid subscription, reply through Lesson Maestro to avoid disclosing your personal information.

Compare music teacher subscription options and join Lesson Maestro below

subscription type

The Basic subscription may be just right for more casual music teachers.

The Premium subscription is perfect for the majority of private teachers and some smaller music schools.

The Premium+ subscription is designed for the busiest of private teachers and most music schools.

cost per month (USD)

lesson types
lesson locations

profile page features

media storage
1 image
100 MB
250 MB
website link
online video links

other subscription features

SMS inquiry alerts
professional references
safe website reply
studio management tools
ad supported

* groups of lesson types are not available with Basic subscriptions
additional locations and remote lesson types may not be added to Basic subscriptions

Each lesson location you set up can be customized with many of its own variables, including in-home lesson travel distance, lesson schedule and rates.

You can store media files for use on your profile page or on your studio webpage. These files can be JPGs, MP3s and PDFs.

Be notified by SMS text message when a student inquires on your profile page.

Manage a list of professional references with contact information that can be sent to an inquiring student upon request.

Respond to students using our safe website reply to avoid exposing your personal contact information to an inquirer.

Studio Management Tools

coming soon!

This suite of online tools is designed to make managing business aspects of your studio quicker and easier.

We take the hassle out running a lesson studio by automating day-to-day chores like invoicing students, managing your lesson schedule and tracking mileage to name just a few.

Basic subscribers will have Google Adsense advertisements placed on their profile page.

More reasons for a Lesson Maestro music teacher subscription...

It's The Best!

If you've checked out other music teacher directory sites on the web you'll have noticed that Lesson Maestro far outshines the competition in terms of ease of use, feature set and customizability. Lesson Maestro seeks to become the most comprehensive music teacher directory site by including both private teachers as well as schools and incorporating teachers who teach lessons online. We use features such as SMS notification when a student inquires with you and even have a full-fledged iPhone web app.

Cost Effectiveness

If your paid subscription here at Lesson Maestro nets you at least ONE new music student each year, your investment will have paid for itself many times over. In fact, just ONE MUSIC LESSON may cover your annual cost! Additionally, the cost of this service may be written off as a business expense for income tax purposes. Even if you're already listed on another music teacher directory website, there's no reason not to give it a try.

Within a month of joining Lesson Maestro as a teacher my membership was already paying for itself. New students contacted me for lessons and I successfully used the site as a reference for job applications. Thank you Lesson Maestro!

 Beth Zare - horn teacher

Your Own Lesson Studio Website

Your profile page here at Lesson Maestro can easily serve as your own music studio webpage. For much less than the cost of hosting a website, not to mention the cost of development, design, and maintenance you get a fully featured interactive profile page. Let us take care of all the dirty work.

I joined Lesson Maestro only days ago, but I can already see that the owners care about the quality of service on this site. Being a little tech-challenged, I needed assistance as soon as I registered. A site administrator responded within ten minutes, solved the problem, and told me in clear terms what to do next with my Lesson Maestro account. Thanks, Lesson Maestro!

 Linda Bolander - owner, CAKE music school

30-Day Money Back Guarantee

If for any reason you are not satisfied with the services provided, you are entitled to a full refund for the initial subscription fee within 30 days of your registration date. Cancelling your paid subscription will convert your account to a free account. We care about your right to online privacy and make it simple to securely delete your entire account.

Privacy Protection

Your personal contact information remains completely confidential. No personal information will be displayed on your profile page other than your name, instrument(s) taught, general location, and biography. Students will only be able to contact you through our website. Once they have contacted you, it is up to you to decide how to proceed. Your email address will NEVER be given or sold to ANYONE. It will be used solely for communications between Lesson Maestro and you. No credit card information is stored on our site. Payment information is stored by PayPal, the most widely trusted third-party payment solution.

I can't say enough great things about Lesson Maestro. Since signing on this site I have slowly but surely been getting inquiries for new students and I have this website to thank for it. The site is very user-friendly, and any questions or concerns I have were answered in a prompt fashion. You can't go wrong with taking advantage of everything this site has to offer.

 Mark Djordjevic - viola teacher

Spam and Scam Filtering

We work hard to ensure our members receive no or at least very little spam. If a member reports to us that they were spammed, we immediately take action to prevent the spammer from contacting other members. There are a number of online scams aimed directly at music teachers. We utilize our own increasingly sophisticated scam filter to keep this to a minimum.

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We hope you decide to subscribe and look forward to helping you build your music studio!

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