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How are profile cards selected to be featured on the front page of the website?

Your profile card may be featured on occasion if you include a photo on your profile page and you are a paying subscriber.

What sets Lesson Maestro apart from other music teacher directory websites?

Lesson Maestro is the easiest to use, most affordable, ad-free music teacher directory on the web. We are the only music teacher directory that allows teachers to utilize more than one lesson location and we have many more unique features that guarantee our music teachers maximum exposure to students around North America and the world. Find out more here.

What is Lesson Maestro?

Lesson Maestro is a web application that facilitates connections between music students and music teachers. Music teachers and schools can create a searchable profile page advertising their music lessons which students can browse, then ultimately use to contact the teacher to set up lessons.

While Lesson Maestro is free for all students to use, member teachers may opt for a free Basic Subscription or pay a monthly fee for a feature-packed Premium Subscription.

Find out how a subscription at Lesson Maestro can help you find more music students.

How do I join Lesson Maestro as a music teacher?

To enroll, go to this page.

A little ways down the page you will see a chart describing the different subscription types and their features. Choose the type you want then press the button that says "join now" then fill out a short form and you're done.

How much does Lesson Maestro cost for music teachers?

FREE! Join Lesson Maestro for no cost. This is not a free trial. Use for free as long as you like!

To take advantage of all the great features at Lesson Maestro, get a premium subscription. Plans start at only $4.99 per month.


Why should I pay for a premium Lesson Maestro subscription?

As a paid subscriber, you get access to all of the great tools Lesson Maestro offers.

You can choose several different lesson types and are able to manage multiple lesson locations. Your premium subscription can be customized by adding remote lessons extra lesson locations.

Also, all paid subscribers have full access to our Studio Management Tools, a suite of online tools designed to make the business side of running a music studio a snap! Coming soon.

A few other benefits are the ability to reply to inquiries through Lesson Maestro to keep your contact info private, SMS text alerts for student inquiries and ability to manage a list of references that can be send to inquirers upon request.

How do I upload an image or mp3?

Visit the media section in your Control Panel and click on "file upload" or click here. This page will instruct you how to go about uploading a file.

Can I add extra lesson locations to my account?

Yes, paid subscribers can add extra lesson locations to their account for $1 USD per month.

Visit the account section of your Control Panel then click on the "modify subscription" or "upgrade" button. Or just click here to purchase.

Can I add remote lessons to my account?

Yes, paid subscribers can add remote lesson types to their account for $1 USD per month. Click here to purchase.

Events - Studio Tools

This section includes all calendar and scheduling features as well as event reconciliation and daily summary settings.


View your calendar in a monthly, weekly or daily view. Get important information at a glance and view and edit event details.

New Event

Add a new one-time or recurring event(s) and set automatic event announcements and reminder emails.

Reconcile Events

Keep track of attendance for your records and for invoicing purposes. Quickly send payment receipts and lesson notes to students.


Configure daily summary emails. Opt to receive an email every day you have studio events scheduled outlining your day of lessons, overdue materials and current balance for each student.

Calendar Settings

Customize your own event categories, set default calendar view and adjust other settings here.