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Melody Horner


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Culver City, CA

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Harpsichord Lessons with Melody Tanis Horner

After ten years of piano lessons and twenty-five years of harpsichord lessons and many home concerts, I am happy to teach Baroque harpsichord music to students who can sight-read printed music. A student should be at an intermediate level of piano, organ, or electronic keyboard. I teach harpsichord technique and/or tuning to adults or teens only; not to children.

For study and execution, I shall provide photocopies of Baroque compositions by composers, such as Francois Couperin, Louis Couperin, J. S. Bach, Domenico Scarlatti, and Antonio Soler.

Free Trial Lesson

A free trial lesson will start with Melody playing some Baroque pieces, and then the student will play his or her audition piece of music, preferably in the classical style.

Please don't text me as I don't use that feature. If you are a potential student, please contact me via my land-line number (310) 559-7953 between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m., Pacific Time.

Historical Insight

Although Melody's approach to harpsichord teaching and the harpsichord composers includes historical insight, she will show that the joy and depth of harpsichord keyboard music is relevant in the present-day expression of beautiful music.

Melody is also a dancer, and she knows how important rhythm is when listening to any music. She wants each lesson to be interactive, and she zeroes in to understanding each student as a unique personality.

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Melody Tanis Horner