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Eleanor Baldwin


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Carlsbad, CA

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Carlsbad, CA

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Bachelor Of Music, U. Of Mich., 5th Year Cert. CA


About Eleanor

My teaching style is recreational. It is informal and laced with humor whenever possible. It is also student centered. My students pick the songs they like best in whatever kinds of music they like the most. Scales and exercises are held to a minimum. I take into account their heavy class schedules and after school activities and try to make the music assignments doable as well as enjoyable. We have piano "parties" where the students share what they have been working on with their friends. Parents are invited once a year for a recital. Students do not have to play but they are required to show up to listen, learn and support those who do play.

Beyond the typical lesson:

I help my students with girl and boy scout badges. I help them with their selections for talent shows. I coach them with pieces in orchestra or band with their secondary instruments and I coach them in voice with emphasis on intonation, phrasing and diction. During piano parties I accompany them on their secondary instruments or supervise lessons where their friends accompany them. Making music an integrated part of their lives increases motivation and enjoyable outcomes.

Musical Education Background

I began studying piano at age five and had thirteen teachers by the time I was thirteen because we moved around so much. My fourteenth teacher was Norman Fraunheim who was a student of Padereski who studied with Chopin!

I received a general music degree from the Michigan. In addition to piano, I minored in violin and spent all four years in either the chorus or orchestra. I also got 47 credits beyond the music degree which included courses in English, Sociology and Psychology as well as advanced courses in Music.

In addition to teaching and subbing in public schools I went to several summer camps to teach music theory, piano and drama.
I also went as a college student to learn how to produce plays and coach as well.

I have taught piano for more than 50 years.

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