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Recommendation for teaching studio website

by: kenfitzsimmons
teacher member
Mar 1, 2012
4:38 pm

I'm curious if anyone has a recommendation for the best method for creating a website for your lesson studio? Blog? Something custom? Hire it out? Paid vs free? I'm familiar with basic html but that's about it. Otherwise I need it to be fairly user friendly.

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by: Mark Adamczyk
teacher member
Mar 2, 2012
6:27 am

For someone with basic web page skills (basic html), I suggest using Joomla. It has a large user-base, so there are lots of sites where you can get ideas and help from. It's similar to wordpress, which may also be useful, but I'd go with Joomla first. You can do the blog thing with it, but also make it look like a website and put, well, just about anything on it.

Now, Joomla comes with no price tag, but it's not free, as in your valuable time. It's fairly easy to set up (at lot of Internet Service Providers provide it as part of their standard web site install), but maintaining any web site takes time. On the other hand, so does looking for a consultant to do it for you. If you know someone in the business, I would recommend using her/him. (I do my own web site stuff, but I used to work in the computer business, before I went music full time. Computers are easy, until something goes wrong, is my experience.)

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