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online piano lessons?


by: member1838
teacher member
Feb 2, 2012
4:49 pm

I live in a very large and sparsely populated state (Montana) and as such my client base is rather small. I've been toying with the idea of offering lessons through some kind of online medium, either as a tutorial video youtube-style, or over a messaging service like Skype. I'm a little hesitant though, having never before participated in lessons in this way. I would think there would be some major obstacles to overcome related to the student's inability to interact with the teacher in any direct way. Has anyone ever experimented with this medium before? Any advice on the subject?

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by: madisonmusicfoundry
teacher member
Feb 2, 2012
5:48 pm

This can be a really effective way to overcome obstacles (such as location--as you mentioned). It's obviously not quite as interactive as a one-on-one lesson, but students are getting more used to using the internet in their daily lives--and particularly young students.

I'd say give a try. If a student is interested in it, then they probably see value in it.


by: Mark Adamczyk
teacher member
Mar 3, 2012
6:05 am

I haven't had good experiences with this. Sure, I get the $$$ in my eyes when I imagine teaching somebody in, say, Brussels, but the truth is, at least from my experience, it ain't there yet.

Try it out first. Set up a simple experiment with a friend. Use skype or whatever to have her teach you a simple task, or you show her how to do some specific thing. Knit a couple of stitches, tie a fishing fly, install a dimmer light switch in the dining room, heck, show her the chords to Heart and Soul (assuming she doesn't already know them). I'll let you find out what goes wrong, but let me give you a hint--the task does not get taught.

Now, for the sake of argument, imagine that it _might_ be (but it's not) possible to lead someone via video through the task of playing a C chord--on a keyboard or a fingerboard. Further imagine you have a potential student sitting on the other end of the line, staring at the computer screen, and--whoops--there's big distraction number one. It's a computer screen, with all sorts of stuff going on. Hey, I'm not even one of these young born-with-ipods-in-their-bassinets folk, and _I_ have a lot of stuff going on on my computer screen. As I type this, there's my email going off, etc. And next to the computer, on the desk, is my phone. Can you see where this is headed?

That said, there is surely a place for online videos to reinforce what's learned in a lesson, online resources for sheet music, email for questions, etc. There's a lot that the internet can help with to supplement the lesson experience, but at best it's only a supplement.


by: member2152
teacher member
Aug 1, 2013
12:27 am

I am new here, and I do not even know this site is stil active, even though I just paid for my membership (can someone advise?)
It does not seem to have much movement here.

Concerning online lessons, I have myself been having Composition lessons for over a year, now. I prepare my work on Noteflight.

I do intend to teach, myself, and hopefully soon include instruments, besides Voice, which I am already offering.
The owner of another site tested my online piano teaching skills.
Since I still do not have Internet in my Piano room, I live in a kind of remote beach town in Brazil and the 3G Internet only works on the second floor, I gave him a trial lesson using my small keyboard.
I placed the Notebook screen/camera facing the (music) keyboard, showing my hands. So, while I spoke I showed what I was doing on the keyboard. He thought it was great.
I did not start because I hope to have the piano and the Internet on the same room, and I am working on it, but he wants me to do it. I think Cello (which I also teach) an other instruments, will be much easier; but for this we also need to have a good room, as if we were teaching live.

I hope this helps.

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