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by: elliemusic
teacher member
Mar 4, 2012
2:35 am

My lesson plan always includes time to hear a student "audition" for a chance to put a new piano piece in his MAGIC BOOK. The BOOK is a spiral I give to each student to record all of the pieces he plays very well. We put in the title, the page number and the book it came in. When someone asks him to play something, he goes to the BOOK and knows exactly where to find it. The results of having this confidence builder are tremendous. Students actually beg to play for their friends and their parent's friends as well. They type programs on their computer and pick out the songs they want to play. I put codes next to their pieces like D for duet and S for solo. One student that I started in February of 2011 already has 97 songs in her BOOK!

Eleanor Baldwin

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