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I have a student who is OVERLY talented and bright!


by: trouchbaton
teacher member
Mar 2, 2012
9:58 pm

Hello all. I just found this forum today. I have posted this on education websites, this is my try on a music teacher site. I have a young boy who started flute lessons in the fall. (His school doesn't have a band, but perhaps that's irrelevant). What normally works as a teaching strategy is to have a skeletal plan I use for each student, but from there let the student lead me where they want to be taught. Well, A will start a lesson with a question...always a good one. We talk about that for a bit. Then, he gets interested in something else. And something else. And so on. I have tried having goals for him (e.g. learn this passage by next lesson), but does anyone out there have some tips to discipline that wonderful creativity of his?

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by: Mark Adamczyk
teacher member
Mar 3, 2012
5:23 am

Your young charge may be bright--enough to have figured out how to run out the clock! Set some expectations. Explain, clearly and firmly, to your uberkinder that you have half an hour together (or whatever time) and these are the three/four/five things that you expect to work on with him. (You can add that as a teacher, you require it of yourself to cover these five tasks.) Questions not only can wait, they have to, and that's okay. Sometimes they can wait. Then, you can say, 27 minutes into the lesson, hey, we covered the five things, good work! I appreciate your buckling down and getting through these with me and we have a moment or two left. What were those questions? (Alternatively, ask him to email you the questions when it's not lesson time.) I tell my students that lesson time is _special_ (maybe I don't use that word) because I only get to see them that one time a week and there's so much I want to make sure they understand, to be able to practice effectively. They get one half hour slot with me each week and 335 slots for all the other stuff in their life. (Then I say, don't try to calculate that now! Do it later, we have a lesson going on!) I smile all the time I say this stuff. You can too.

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