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how do i remove myself from the site?

by: member1124
teacher member
Jan 30, 2013
12:33 pm


I was wondering where to unsubscribe from the site? I moved from the US and no longer can teach music but am still receiving emails. Thank you.

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by: lmfounder
teacher member
Jan 30, 2013
4:14 pm


To delete your account, log in to your Control Panel then click on the button marked "subscription." Once you arrive at the subscription page, click the link marked "delete account." You will be prompted to re-enter your account password and will have the opportunity to provide feedback as to why you are choosing to delete your account. Click the button marked "delete account" to completely erase all data pertaining to your account in our database. Within 10 minutes or so you should receive an email confirming your account deletion.

Please consider Lesson Maestro again some day if you ever move back to the U.S. Also, keep an eye out for us internationally. We hope to expand to a few other English speaking nations in the near future, specifically the U.K., Australia and New Zealand.

Thanks for trying Lesson Maestro!

viola teacher and performer
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