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Flute Methods


by: trouchbaton
teacher member
Mar 2, 2012
11:27 pm

I have been teaching flute for over 20 years and have used a long string of methods. Right now, I use the Universal Flute Method, which I don't believe is in print. I like it so much that I photocopy the original I have and have my students pay me for the copies.
For an intermediate method, I stick with Rubank. No need for illegal copies there!
I also like Emil Eck. Any thoughts on Eck? Haven't seen it in years, though.
For students who are advanced, besides the usual Andersen/Berbiguire etudes, I JUST LOVE the Paula Robison Flute Warmups book. I use it myself for daily maintenance. Much better in my mind than Maquarre and Taffenel/Gaubert.

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