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Cancellation Policy


by: madisonmusicfoundry
teacher member
Feb 2, 2012
6:12 pm

I've been teaching bass lessons for over 15 years and work at a facility that has over 30 instructors on just about every instrument. I've noticed that cancellation policies vary widely. Some instructors don't refund for any cancellations (the subscription model) or make their best effort to reschedule, but still charge for the time slot. Others just don't charge at all when the student doesn't show. Most have a 24-hour excused absence policy (sickness, emergency, etc.).

But as we know, lessons are our livelihood, and it can really start to impact us economically if we have too many cancellations. Our facility is located in Wisconsin, so we're basically guaranteed a few lessons a year will be cancelled because of weather.

I've found that when parents understand the human element of teaching (that we depend on this for a living), that they are often very understanding and willing to pay for their time slot whether they make it that week or not.

I'm curious about what your cancellation policy is?

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